5 Reasons to Clean Your Home Exterior

5 Reasons to Clean Your Home Exterior Cleaning inside of your home is something you should be doing frequently, but don’t neglect to clean the exterior, either. Your home’s exterior is the first thing that guests and visitors see, so an unkempt entrance can look unappealing and unwelcoming. Outdoor cleaning doesn’t need to be as routine as cleaning inside of the home, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Try to clean outside of your property every couple of months at a minimum. Here are five reasons to clean your home exterior: Curb Appeal Having a beautiful-looking home helps make your neighbourhood look a little better. It can also encourage neighbours to keep up [...]

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5 Tips to Develop Productive Cleaning Habits

5 Tips to Develop Productive Cleaning Habits Whether it’s at home or at the office, cleaning is a chore that takes time and effort. Unfortunately, neglecting to keep good, productive cleaning habits can lead to a disorganised lifestyle and even worse, lowered productivity in the workplace. The key to developing productive cleaning habits comes down to motivation, but there are a few tips to help you get started on the right path: Keep Clutter Under Control One day, it’s a few pieces of paper, the next, a few more. Over time, desks and workspaces can accumulate a surprising amount of unnecessary clutter that can slow down the pace of work due to the desk being [...]

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5 Helpful Office Cleaning Tips for Spring

5 Helpful Office Cleaning Tips for Spring With spring in full swing, thorough office cleaning is a necessity that can boost productivity and freshen up your workplace. A quote from Benjamin Franklin’s virtue of cleanliness is certainly apropos here:  “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Imagine a few minutes of cleaning and organising your workplace, multiplied by the number of employees in your office. Any savvy business owner will quickly see how this can effectively boost productivity and wellbeing. Here are five helpful office cleaning tips for spring: Use It or Lose It Spending the better part of every workday in an office is sure to attract a lot of old, underutilised [...]

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