Common Questions about Commercial Cleaning and Their Answers

Commercial cleaning is one of the essential services for the most successful businesses in Australia. Outsourcing these dirty tasks to a cleaning company offers businesses a great many benefits such as saved time, a healthier work environment, reduced sick leave days, boosted employee morale, and many others.

If you are considering getting commercial cleaning for your company then you probably have quite a few questions for this type of service. Here is a quick look at the most frequently asked questions that businesses have when they are attempting to make the switch.

Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer One-Time Cleaning Solutions?

One time cleaning services are ideal for business startups, businesses that recently got renovations done, and for companies who might be moving into a new building. These companies are usually not looking for a permanent cleaning solution but instead need professional cleaners to help out so they can get settled.

Good commercial cleaning companies like Integral cleaning do offer assistance with any type of cleaning project including one-time cleaning tasks.

What Type Of Cleaning Services Can I Request?

The type of cleaning services you get from your cleaners depends on the company. Each commercial cleaning company offers a list of services based on the industrial cleaning equipment and tools they have at hand. A good example of cleaning services you can request include waste management, window cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, area disinfection, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bathroom fixture maintenance, hard floor maintenance and cleaning, and many others.

Is Commercial Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

Good commercial cleaning companies like Integral Cleaning do use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods where possible. Waste disposal is also done via landfills that recycle waste or that dispose of non-recyclable waste using the most eco-friendly methods.

Will The Commercial Cleaning Company Provide The Cleaning Tools Required?

There is no need for your business to invest in expensive cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners. Good cleaning companies will provide all the tools needed as well as the laborers that are required to get the job done professionally.

Will My Carpets Be Cleaned Professionally?

Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest cleaning tasks in offices and retail stores. Most businesses want a commercial cleaning company that can also take care of this challenging task for them instead of needing to hire in additional carpet cleaning services. And yes, a good cleaning company does offer carpet cleaning and even steam carpet cleaning services so you can get carpets refreshed and revived.

Will The Commercial Cleaning Company Provide Cleaning Products Required?

Modern commercial cleaners prefer to use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products that won’t affect the health of personnel in any way. They usually source these cleaning products from cleaning product wholesalers who can offer these products more affordably. If you prefer to use a specific cleaning product in your company due to allergies or sensitivities then it is entirely possible for commercial cleaners to use these products instead.

Is Commercial Cleaning Customizable?

No two companies are exactly the same. Each one has a unique layout with unique furniture and office equipment that needs to be cleaned regularly. Because businesses are so different in size, function, and customer traffic, each cleaning package is uniquely designed to suit your business needs to perfection. You can get your cleaning services customized to suit your exact need.

Do you have any more questions about commercial cleaning? The best way to get the right answers for your unique business is by contacting Integral Cleaning directly or by arranging an appointment so you can discuss all of your regular cleaning needs.

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